The world has gone beyond digitization, almost everything is now technology driven and real estate is not left out of this amazing development. The idea of owning a smart home in Nigeria might initially sound overwhelming and expensive but it can also secure, change your lifestyle and save costs.

Smart home devices have come to stay, they have over the years replaced the use of manpower in the home ranging from house chores, security, electricity, and getting more familiar with your home.

Below are the 4 reasons you shouldn’t overlook investment in a smart home.

1. A Secured Home

From doorbells to locks and then to CCTV camera; this era of technology has granted us the ability to stay connected to our homes even when we are away via minicomputers which are very much affordable, portable and comfortable. This has contributed hugely to one’s safety.

Smart door locks let you grant access to your home when you’re not there via codes or passwords. No more dropping of keys with your neighbor or hiding a key under the doormat and hoping it doesn’t get stolen. Some smart door locks even have camera chip in it so that you can rest assured in case of theft and burglary because now you have control to lock, unlock the door and also see what’s going on at home.

2. Peace Of Mind

Smartly secured home systems can prevent bad things from happening, one of them is theft. As mentioned earlier you can use a smart home system to monitor cameras, doors, and windows. You can even check in from a smartphone to make sure the door is closed and the TV is off.

3. Enhance Your Lifestyle and Convenience

Smart home allows you to have an automated lifestyle the way you want. It can render your day-to-day life a lot easier: you can program your coffee machine to make an awesome coffee when your alarm rings or monitor your kids when they are playing in another room.

There are lots of smart home products that are fun, nice-to-haves and makes life more easier. choosing the ones that complement your lifestyle is a whole lot of task.

Once you overlook the costs you begin to see the advantages; whether you want the lighting in your home to change with the weather or you want to create the perfect home theater 3D experience by adjusting the lights to match your TV so you can feel even closer to the action on screen. You can even set Philips Hue or LIFX bulbs and adjust to automatically change to your home team’s colors depending on your mood.

Same goes for music, if you’re constantly streaming music, smart speakers like Sonos make a great add-on to your smart home list because they integrate with services you’re probably already using, like Pandora and Spotify. Life’s just got easier with smart homes.

4. Reduces Electricity Bills

This means that you can remotely shut off the metered devices when you are away from your home or even in another room, just by using a connected mobile app on your phone which helps saves cost and reduces energy thereby you can always pay the bills via your smartphone instead of walking miles to the bank.

There are unlimited reasons as to which owning a smart home is a must have; having shared some of the reasons you might want to consider owning a smart home.