You visit a health practitioner when you have an issue with your health when your automobile or car has issues you visit a mechanic. It is therefore wise to consult an experienced real estate agent if you want to buy a property.

The lawyer makes all the necessary investigation and enquiry and guides you through the processes of your land purchase. The lawyer will know what to do and how to do it, when and where to do it.

However, if for whatever reason you can not get a lawyer the first thing to do is to confirm that the land has a registered title and that the record copy of the land title is in the name of the seller, you can confirm this by going to the land registry at Alausa, Ikeja approach the office to confirm the land title at the land registry where a search will be undergone to check the authenticity of the land title.

If you have a lawyer the lawyer may engage or approach the survey department that is, the surveyor general of Lagos states office to chart the property and make sure it isn’t under any acquisition and possibly ensure that the record copy of the proposed survey plan is in the name of the person who claims ownership of the property.

Also after charting the property the surveyor general’s office may discover that the property is under committed acquisition, this means that the state or federal government may have earmarked that property for a particular project so apart from being duped that will mean being in conflict with the government

To avoid being duped, you may also visit the property and know who is in actual possession. You may wish to visit the neighborhood of the property you want to buy ask questions from the residents or anyone in charge and you will definitely get answers. Make enquiries from the neighbors, neighbors know more than you think, they can confirm who owns what and help you make better decisions.

Also, note that if the property does not have a surveyor registered title then steps 1 and 2 may not be possible you can then rely on steps 3 and 4. Another way to avoid being duped is, you may agree with the prospective seller to take possession of the property and start developing it if no one challenges you then it might be assumed that the seller owns the property.

In Conclusion, before you pay for any property Insist that there will be a properly drafted agreement possibly with an indemnity clause, An indemnity clause is a sum of money given as payment for damage or loss. It is advised to keep records of all transaction details and take full possession of your property in order to avoid land grabbers and Omo-Onile’s who are known for selling a property to more than one person.